Our Mission

Our mission is to produce hard-hitting films that advance democracy in the United States.  Our documentaries are richly researched, fact-based, and authoritative on their topics.  We use the medium of film to challenge government policies that neglect the public interest. Where the media has become fearful, PIP pulls no punches.

Our History

Public Interest Pictures (PIP) is a non-profit educational documentary production company that was formed in 2001 by a group of friends who produced and released Unprecedented: The 2000 Presidential Election in 2002.  Unprecedented won seven film festivals, was broadcast extensively on the Sundance Channel and abroad.  It also was theatrically released domestically and overseas, and was broadly distributed in the home video market.  Of greatest importance, it was widely used as an organizng and fundraising tool in the grassrootsby organizations led by organizations such as People For the American Way and NAACP.  The proceeds raised in the grassroots with our films benefit those grassroots organizations.

Unconstitutional: The War On Our Civil Liberties was released in 2004.  Our distribution model was exactly the same as utilized for Unprecedented, including the Sundance Channel.  Our non-profit partner for Unconstitutional was the ACLU.

Hacking Democracy was licensed to HBO where it has been broadcast over a hundred times since November 2006.  Hacking Democracy received universal rave reviews, helped drive Diebold out of the election business, and our first-hand footage led to multiple convictions for election recount rigging.

Broadcast Blues was released in 2009 and has screened to standing ovations at film festivals across the country: Hot Springs Documentary Festival, Lake Arrowhead Film Festival, Seattle True Independent Film Festival, San Luis Obispo International Film Festival, Connecticut Film Festival, Kansas International Film Festival, and the Sacramento International Film Festival.  Now broadcasting on the RT network in Europe, Broadcast Blues is exposing corporate American media around the world.

FREE FOR ALL! was released in 2008 by Shoot First Inc., airing nationally on Free Speech TV, earning rave reviews.  The film partnered with Video the Vote to organize independent citizen journalists across the country to monitor the polls on election day.  The effort also produced several short  documentaries exposing voter suppression leading up toward the 2008 election that received widespread media coverage.

PAY 2 PLAY is the follow-up to FREE FOR ALL, a documentary that examines the obstacles faced by candidates running for office, and how Big Money has tried to fix the rules of our elections in its favor.  From the shocking logic of Citizens United to the intrigue behind the Supreme Court, to examining the pay-to-play paradox in other aspects of our corporate-driven culture, this film takes a complicated injustice and turns it into a populist front.


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