We’re excited to announce the SPARK CHANGE Film Festival open call for non-profits.


You have probably heard of Instant Films or the 48 Hour Film Projects or other similar events…
  In the same vein, we are asking filmmakers to come together over a weekend, but instead of having a writer develop a script, we are pairing filmmakers & composers with Los Angeles non-profits to create fun, engaging videos that inspire and raise awareness for amazing causes.


Here’s How it Works

  • During Friday lunch, non-profits are randomly paired with a professional filmmaking team and work together to determine the video.

  • Nonprofits will have already determined the project, program or campaign they want to focus on and have organized a volunteer event, activity, or interview opportunity for Saturday morning.

  • Over the weekend the filmmakers script, shoot, edit, and score a video about your organization, and on Sunday night at 7pm everyone returns to screen the finished short films.

The next event is June 13-15 2014.  Interested non-profits should email



  1. Speak to our team (by phone) at least two weeks prior to the festival to review contest rules; discuss your chosen project, program or campaign; and ask/answer questions

  2. Join us for lunch (on us)  Friday June 13 from 12-2 pm at WeWork in Hollywood, where you will be paired with your filmmaking team.

  3. Collaborate with the filmmakers so that they can deliver a video on Sunday, June 15 by 5pm.

  4. Attend the screening Sunday night, June 15 from 7-9pm.


We have a sliding-scale price structure for non-profits from $250 – $1,000 depending on your annual budget. Talk to us about what’s possible for your organization. All non-profits receive 5 tickets to the screening and end up with their own short video.


The winning film will be awarded a $1,000 prize for best video to be split 50/50 with the filmmaking team.


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